Sandra Ancelot

is a visual artist, performer, teacher, researcher.

Role within the collective: Author, artist in motion.
She sees art as an experiment. It generates projects that combine several forms of expression and reflections, seeking, through hybridization, to question and observe the ability to understand and perceive. At the heart of his work is the study of the notions of "living" that she undertakes at various scales that of the intimate linked to the space of perception and that of sensitive territory.
She collaborates in this direction with architects and works in Morocco to requalify traditional habitats, in France, as a colourist. She collaborates in design with Thomas Bleicher, product designer and they create the bubble lamp, exhibited at the Centre Pompidou for 30 years of the VIA.
For her artistic practices, she moves in her facilities and then uses the moves to carry out comic actions. She directs her research on observing the processes of creation by giving lectures/performances and she works the movements drawn as a tool to re-enchant the environment.
His meeting with the contemporary circus in 2010 opened his fields of exploration.
Sandra works with the Non-house gallery. In 2015, she was invited to the Arab World Institute for the exhibition Morocco Contemporain. In 2016 the collective is invited to the generator, Gentilly, at the "Solstice" in Belgium, at the Archivo Cultural centre of Sueños in Fuendetodos, Spain. The collective performs numerous residences for their research and the writing of the performance-show "aerial drawing" programmed at the Festival du Cirque de Marseille in 2017.
Sandra is engaged in teaching and research, sharing her fields of investigation and her modus operandi, she is associate assistant professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'architecture. She intervenes in art school including the National School of Circus Arts of Rosny.

Lucie Lastella

is a circus artist.

Role within the collective: creation, acrobatics and contortions drawn.
From an early age, Lucie meets the circus in a small amateur school that will bring her the foundation of the show through the culture of the new circus that she will practice all her youth, accompanied at the same time by music, theatre and the Arts Plastics, other areas of expression that Lucie particularly likes.
In love with the arts and sharing, she finds in the practice of the circus a freedom to create and work her body which leads him to try higher formations such as the ENACR and then the NACC. Succeeding not without penalty but with pleasure this long race to the training, here it is launched with passion in the world of the
show! With multiple and diverse inspirations, Lucie is brought into her artistic and poetic approach by the works of Enki Bilal, the writings of Gaston Bachelard, the music of Henry Purcell, the poems of William Blake, the work of Wim Wanderkeybus, Anne Teresa de Keermaecker, of Romeo Castelluci, of Miet Wagner, of Jun ' Ya Ishigami, and much more...
Accompanied as always by curiosity and different modes of expression, Lucie meets in her life people who will deeply inspire her, circus artists like Nikolaus, Jean Baptiste André, thinkers like Jean Michel Guy and Jean François Mattei, writers such as Renaud Ego and François Cervantes.
In 2013, she discovered the practice of the circle known as the Cyr wheel in the field of contemporary circus and found in this simple and powerful form and in the twirling of balance, a moving partner on stage, an expressive, acrobatic and symbolic duo.
At the same time, she met Sandra Ancelot and began a very intense exchange and creation work which resulted in the creation of the collective of the vanished drawing.

Paul Warner

is a circus artist and a Danceman.

Role within the collective: creation, counter-balancing, dancer, inventor of scenic devices.
Paul was a child a tad turbulent. His parents decided to channel his energy by proposing to practice gymnastics. Which works pretty much until it's 12 years old. It is the age at which he decides to emancipate himself from this too strict atmosphere to his liking, so as not to spoil his creative youth. He will later recognize that his athletic years have brought him the benefit of developed physical and acrobatic abilities.
Triathlon, Scouting and other maritime activities then beat his Antiwood adolescence to the first class, where he met the circus through the Cie des Reves walkers and decided to devote part of his life to it.
Trapeze of a time, Paul entered the National School of Circus Arts of Rosny-sous-Bois (enact) as a Korean frame bearer. Faced with a specialty too limited to his liking, eight months later he decided to stop this work. So he separates from his thin flyer to turn to the straps. His training led him to the national Centre for the arts of Cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne (NACC) with this new discipline. While having caught up with his technical delay, his body begins to show him signs of early fatigue. Many months of convalescence lead Paul to change his way of working and to approach his movements without aggravating his injury. Through his universes and his character work, he moves closer to the dance, a practice that his painful back allows, and then gradually develops a research on this new sensitive body by dancing. Intuitive builder, passionate about science and chemistry, tinkerer and handyman for a long time, Paul is offered to integrate the "new magic" training of NACC to enable him to incorporate his new know-how for the benefit of his creativity.
He studied at the CND of Angers.

Stephan Ink

is sound artist, musician, producer and sound engineer.

Role within the collective: Author, musician, Creation sound devices.
For his sound creations, Stephan mixes organic sounds from field recordings, electronic sounds and captures of the instruments they play, diverts as a discoverer of tones. His passion for listening is directed towards performative practices and improvisation. He is looking for collaborations that seek him out in unknown territories. These experiences and encounters nourish his sound work and his creation. His practice of performative improvisation leads him to the world of contemporary Art in which he offers sound jousting with poetry, video, pictorial performances, photography.
He participates in the duo Poetry Sound long haul, the Trans-Atlantic. He wrote with Gautier Keyaerts the music of the experimental video "the filmmaker and the inverse" of the Quebec poet Annie Lafleur and the Belgian director Jonas Luyckx. He creates with Gautier Keyaerts the multidisciplinary show Boo! Forever "(Homage to Richard Brautigan). He is invited by the multidisciplinary Vertical Time collective with the French photographer Sophie Le Béon and the poet/performer Eric Therer.
With the latter under the ordinary name (duo of Sound poetry) they lead, among other things, actions "In Situ series", based solely on the use of materials (texts, history, sounds, acoustics) available at the place of creation.
In 2012 and 2013 Stephan is invited, as a musician, to join again the international collective to Géomètrie variable 48 cameras for the albums "Right North, she said..." "and" We could bring you silk in May ". In 2006, he created with Lucie Delhi the band Elephant Leaf, the first opus will be released on the Canadian label Chat Blanc Records by Pascal Asselin (a.k.a. Millimetrik). Two other albums, "Emotional Power" (2008) and "The Taste of Salt" (2009), will be released on their own Tutuguri Music label and lead to collaborations with the English SonVer and Attrition groups. In France, in the years 90, the duo signed two albums under the name of view in the disks of the Sun and Steel (Pascal Comelade, Sylvain Chandran, Keiji Haino...). They participate in the compilations Heavenly Voices of the German label Hyperium. In 1990 under the name Vicious Circle, he co-composed, mixed and produced with Lucie Delhi the album "Barbed Wire Slides" signed on the cult English label Some Bizarre (Einstürzende Neubauten, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Coil, Swans,...).

Stephan collaborated as a sound engineer with Youssou no Dour, Keith Rowe, Aki Onda, Damo Suzuki, Laetitia sadier, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Jean-Christophe Renault, Sophie Pebble, Radu Malfatti, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, Ghinzu...

To make appear by means of actions drawn a state of the surrounding space, with the objective of the reenchantment of this territory seized. The 

collective design flew away

Vincent Van Tilbeurgh

is light creator, circus technician, speciality aerial hangers, general manager.

Role within the collective: Bearer in counterweights, creation of lights, creation and development of performative devices, technician, security.
Passionate about climbing, Vincent Van Tilbeurgh transforms over time his sporting practice in "vertical ballad", that is, a displacement defined by the tactile pleasure of the rock and the reading of the way in the mountains, a form of active contemplation. Vincent accompanies Serge Keuten, a former danceman of the Opéra de Paris, for ten years. This meeting and these years of creations lights and some times plastic, have forged an experience of the performing arts. He joined the Budapest-based SOFA TRIO company. He works there as creator, stage manager. He is general manager on the performances of Jérôme Savary, Christian Rist, Pierre Pradinas. In 2000, he entered the National Centre for the Arts of the circus and discovered the contemporary circus.
Between 2006 and 2016 he is technical director of the National School of Circus Arts of Rosny-Sous-Bois.
He crosses his experiments and looks for hanging systems for aerial practices.

"The work of art is a form, that is, a movement that came to its conclusion: somehow an infinity contained in the finish. Its entirety results from its conclusion and must therefore be considered not as the closure of a static and motionless reality, but as the opening of an infinity that has gathered in a form. »
Umberto Eco, the Poetics of the open work, excerpt from the open work, Paris, Éditions du Point