At the crossroads of Visual arts, dance, circus and sound creation, the collective design flew away, offering performance-performances that are visual poems where the graphic expression invites itself into the airspace, guided by the movement.
These multiculturals promote an innovative expression resulting from the decompartmentalization of disciplinary fields.
The dramaturgy and choreography of the performances-drawn performances bring together a written frame combined with a space of improvisation.
The collective questions the format of the show and the performance, with central subject, its relationship with the public and how the work continues in the look that receives it. The creations invites the spectator to the heart of the creation of the image sharing his secrets of factories and the place of the apparition.
The work questions the space of artistic action and that of its interaction with the public.

The thought of the projects is echoed with a group of reflections that ensures an external look, it consists of an essayist poet, an architect, a researcher doctor in Ecology, a playwright.
The Working Group and the artists develop an "open" scoring system of the creations, for their transmissions and shares by basing a research pole that makes the observation of the relations between spaces, bodies perceptual and mobile drawings that they Name "Drawn movements".