Rarely a choreography will have earned its name better than in this meeting, here, of the dance and the drawing proposed by Sandra Ancelot. As a painter as much as a dancer, she knows that the dancer's movement fades in the moment it arises and that the painter's gesture is immediately fixed in the trace that keeps it. But of the two, it is possible to capture the energy, by standing at the source where the figures of the body and the gestures of the image both take flight.

Placed under the auspices of aerobatics, the show "aerial Drawing" is a series of paintings whose sequences testify to an ensemble composition, since a curtain lift conceived as a "paper drop" bearing with him the idea of a ground that rises, To the end where the drawing born of the movement of bodies in space is revealed to the spectators.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the Flyers will have hovered above the canvas, recording the signs of a dance born of the aerial matter of the dreams. Let's hope that this work can be deployed again, with the sense of improvisation that is his. The freedom given to Sandra Ancelot and Lucie la Stella in their aerial dance would be nothing without the rigor of their counterweights, Paul warnery and Vincent Van Tilbeurgh.

Even more technical, their role is also choreographed and both bring him the grace of a game of walkers.

Renaud Ego Writer